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Prof. Dr. W. Neumann, Magdeburg
...Since I work with the BTV ltd. together, I succeeded obtaining the improvements I wished to receive in administration and letting.
Dr. Nils Heißmeyer, Hamburg
...The decision to assign the administration was correct. They soon succeeded to eliminated empty conditions. Their consultation in sale of one of our residential properties was applicable and led fast to success. Therefore I would like to thank you.
...Together with the “Magdeburger Wohnugszentrale” we could manage a majority of our rental service in Magdeburg. For successful co-operation we are very grateful.
N. Haas, Elektro und Bau GmbH, Magdeburg
...with respect to the responsible managers of technical and electrical equipment, they prove large circumspection to the constant readiness of application of the technical and electrical mechanisms and react fast in incidents.
Allianz Agentur Decker Leiding, Magdeburg
...BTV is one of our business partner, who knows about cost management all questions related to property Insurance around concerns to your property...
H. R. ,ista  Deutschland
...For more than 5 years we take care of large property parts regarding the heating cost and calculations. The BTV always proved it self as very competent and committed partner.
Magdeburger Wohnungszentrale, Magdeburg
...The BTV is one of all our clients who, reacts as fastest, if rent agreements are running out or are due to quit. Therefore we could manage in many cases connection agreements.
R. Bärmann, F+R Sanitär GmbH, Magdeburg
... As clients of many years with installations, maintenance and repairs our enterprise showed up reliably and stably. We wish further a good co-operation.




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