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Member of the federation
of the real estate
managers Saxonia-Anhalt
registered association
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About Us...

H. Jeschky
Managing Director

(Member of the executive committee in the federation of the real estate managers Saxonia-Anhalt registered association)

The company BTV enterprise for landed property was founded in 1993 as a Real Estate Agency and Trust enterprise.
We know: after the acquisition of any property it is important to us to provide our clients with most and effective management service.

The advantages of professional Real Estate Managements:
  • the avoidance of conflict potential between owners and tenants will save your time, money and nerves
  • despite external financial situation places you will save expenses on travel costs, authority ways and week completion dates, if it concerns for example lettings and housing decreases
  • by our care volume with insurance and suppliers you lower your additional expenses and your tenant
  • at our registered place of business you have all partners (administration, letting, notary, lawyer, sales consultation)

Since May 2000 we are an certified DIN ISO enterprises.
Experience of many years as well as to be the owner of landed property are essential needs to understand the clients way of thinking.

We are specialized in:

  • administration of property management after the residential property law (WAY), as well as the support of separate - and partial property
  • Renting housing management
  • Renting pool administration
  • Centre management
  • Assumption of objects as general tenant
  • the assumption of trusteeships for municipalities, authorities and private property owners
  • Advertisement, assignment and decrease of building works and supplies
  • Consultation during use for new purposes, allocation after the WAY, property divisions and
  • Assistance with financing matters

For safe handling with institutions, authorities, insurance and servicers, as well as us entrusted tasks we have well trained and high-motivated co-workers at our disposal.
Constant further training helps to minimize our administration in order to avoid any mistakes.

For further communication and trustworthy consultations, pleas contact us!


Gesellschaft für Grundbesitz mbH

Haeckelstr. 9a

39104 Magdeburg
phone  03 91 / 5 61 98 30 fax  03 91 / 5 61 98 29 mail
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