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In economically difficult times the creation and protection of jobs are not only a task of politicians but particularly for all human beings.
Therefore we co-operate closely with responsible persons, authorities, training facilities and mediators.
We offer regularly practical course places in the ranges to assistants, secretary as well as real estate consultants (woman/man) also for courses of studies.
Since our existence we never reduced the amount of our co-workers. On the contrary the enlargement of the permanent staff was necessary in regular intervals.
The company BTV offers as well training. Our company offers qualified staff in order to execute training programs. The admission of an apprenticeship contract with the goal of the assumption takes place into a fixed attitude in the case of the successful conclusion.
While the economy is troubled by recessions in sales, we plan the extension of our enterprise by structure of a branch in Leipzig. This will be probably not latest branch, by means – we are planning other branches in regional centres as well. We are creating new jobs for future co-workers.

At present we are looking for:

qualified co-worker with training emphasis

  • Real estate consultants (on partial time base)
  • Cleaning stuff with driving licence class 3

Applications should be address in writing to our personnel department.






Gesellschaft für Grundbesitz mbH

Haeckelstr. 9a

39104 Magdeburg
phone  03 91 / 5 61 98 30 fax  03 91 / 5 61 98 29 mail
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